20 Drills & Techniques for Teaching the Triple Jump


Discover the most effective drills, techniques and insights for increasing triple jump distances

  • Get 20 drills for helping your athletes develop critical techniques in the approach takeoff and landing
  • Learn how to use maximum velocity sprint mechanics on the runway
  • Create greater horizontal displacement to jump off the board and improve triple jump performance


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with Jeremy Fischer,
Head Coach and Lead Instructor at the Chula Vista High Performance Training Center/USA Track and Field;
USATF Level 3 Certified, holds Level 2 Certificates in the sprints, jumps and throws and currently serves as the Level 2 (event specific school) Jumps Lead Instructor;
former University of Oklahoma Men’s and Women’s Jumps and Multi’s Coach; 2007 Midwest Region Men’s Jumps/Combined Events Coach of the Year; All-American and All-Big Ten jumper for the University of Wisconsin (He also coaches Olympian & medalist Will Clay, 6x National Champion Amanda Smock)

Jeremy Fischer, head coach at the USATF High Performance Training Center, teaches you how to understand and fix common errors every coach deals with when working with triple jumpers.

With demonstrations from All-American and Olympic trials finalist Toni Smith, Coach Fischer dissects every aspect of the triple jump, including: the approach, establishing marks, acceleration, transition, maximum velocity and speed mechanics.

Coach Fischer emphasizes body awareness, body position, postural integrity, and learning how to run off of the board. Through the use of over 20 drills, Coach Fischer takes the triple jump from the approach, to the runway, to the board and then to the landing. These drills will teach the athlete to:

  • Focus on reactive strength
  • How to get into position to finish the jump
  • Learn forward rotation
  • Maintain posture
  • Have a free leg
  • Learn timing

Not only do you get drills, but more importantly you get the insight, knowledge and technique to better pinpoint flaws every triple jump athlete seems to struggle with.

Establish an Effective Approach

Starting consistently out of the back of your mark is one of the most overlooked parts of the triple jump. Coach Fischer breaks down the specifics for executing a more effective approach and how to establish jump marks. He explains acceleration, transition, to maximum velocity sprint mechanics and how to fix common problems in the approach phase of the triple jump.

Board to Box Drill

One of the biggest gaps limiting the triple jump athlete is an inability to push off the board. This requires proper hip displacement to achieve greater horizontal distance. This drill teaches athletes how to keep their take off leg underneath their center of mass while triple extending through the entire leg system, which promotes a more effective jump off the board.

1-2-3 Drill

This drill teaches athletes how to maintain vertical body positioning with proper thigh angles for increased vertical push against the track, which will improve horizontal speed.

Coach Fischer explains the outside factors that must be accounted for to build the compete triple jump athlete. These include rest, recovery, nutrition and pre-habilitation. Many coaches overlook these factors, which limits their jumpers’ overall success.

Coach Fischer delivers one of the most comprehensive and concise teaching tools to build a more competitive triple jump athlete.

49 minutes. 2016.