Becoming a Champion: Discus for Girls’ Track & Field


  • Learn techniques and drills for maintaining your balance and posture to maximize throwing distance
  • Identify common mistakes in your technique and how you can correct them
  • Learn how to prepare – both mentally and physically – for competition

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with Carrie Lane, University of Wyoming Throws Coach, Former University of Nebraska Throws Coach;
assistant coach in 2009 and 2011 World Track and Field Championships

Carrie Lane, former Throws Coach,  of the powerhouse University of Nebraska track and field program takes you through a step-by-step plan to developing champion discus throwers! Coach Lane identifies key focal points for successful discus throwing, including: Balance & Posture, Maintaining Separation, Maximizing Discus Orbit, and finally the all-important Kinetic Linking. These topics are discussed as a former Husker athlete demonstrates.

Beginning with a review of the qualities and skills needed to be a successful discus thrower, Coach Lane shares over 40 drills that she has used in her 18 year career to develop successful discus throwers. Each drill includes step-by-step instruction, in a logical manner, to address the critical areas of the discus throw.

Coach Lane introduces a thrower-specific warm-up that includes various hurdle exercises, dynamic stretching exercises, a strength building lunge matrix, and that stresses the concept of kinetic linking (firing the muscles in proper order for a successful throw) with drills. Her warm-up is both perfect for a general muscle warm-up and for preparing the nervous system for the high-powered speed needed to throw successfully!

Lane introduces the correct grip of the discus and drills to develop this skill. She also introduces standing throws, with relevant coaching points and cues to develop the proper posture and positioning to ensure quality throws. By using the “Toe-Knee-Hip” concept, she gives athletes and coaches a valuable and easy set of cues to set up a strong throw. The Wheel Drill, Spider-Man Drill, and variations of the South African drill are all demonstrated with coaching points addressed.

Another unique feature of this video is the segment on five common problems that face many beginning throwers. Lane explains the issues and provides suggestions and drills that can be used to fix them. This information is invaluable for the beginning coach or athlete. Lane includes a Preparing for Competition section that features ideas on how to properly prepare for the stresses and challenges of competing under pressure, and gives valuable hints for coaching your throwers at meets.

This outstanding video is great for both the experienced and beginning coach, and will help you to develop championship discus throwers!

45 minutes. 2013.