Complete Speed Training 3 by Latif Thomas


Here’s What You Get When You Order Today:

Module #1: Foundations of Sprint Training

Module #2: Teaching and Progressing Starts & Acceleration Mechanics

Module #3: Teaching and Progressing Top End Speed

Module #4: Video Analysis: Technical Progressions & Corrections

Module #5: Program Design: General & Specific Endurance

Module #6: Program Design: General & Specific Strength

Module #7: Program Design: Mastering Your Short & Long Sprints Program

Module #8: Team Building: Developing Culture, Commitment & Confidence


Plus These Amazing Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Unlimited Q&A Support

Bonus #2: Complete Sprint Training Inventory

Bonus #3: Sample Weekly Training Plans for Each Training Phase: 100/200 & 400

Bonus #4: Complete Practice Interval Charts

Bonus #5: Complete Race Planning & Modeling Charts

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Delivered digitally, you’ll be able to stream all 8 Training Modules and 7+ hours of video instruction on your favorite device as soon as you complete your order.

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Latif Thomas explains how to build a championship sprints culture… even if you lack the resources (and gene pool) flooding those ‘other’ programs!

Once your realize how and why you’ve been failing to understand or design training to address the ROOT of what leads to consistently faster sprint times, you’ll be excited to go to your next practice!

Because you’ll be armed with a more practical, functional, effective, and efficient system of designing and implementing the type of training your young sprinters want and need. Allowing you to put more focus on overcoming the real world limitations you face coaching at the high school level.