Zap Fitness: Proven Training Methods for Distance Running Success


Discover workouts, training strategies and strength training exercises for improving the performances of your distance runners.

  • Learn how to set up a training schedule for all types of runners
  • Watch live workouts you can use throughout the season to improve performance and mental strength
  • Design core and functional strength workouts for different parts of the season that will increase your runners’ strength and injury resistance

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with Pete Rea,
Elite Athlete Coach and Coordinator at the ZAP Fitness Team USA Training Center;
Since 2002, Coach Rea has guided more than 36 athletes to Olympic Trials berths (1500m to marathon); coach of Tyler Pennell, 2014 USATF Marathon Champion and member of the World Half Marathon Team

and Ryan Warrenburg,
Zap Fitness Strength Coach; steeplechase finalist at the 2009 USATF Championships; All-American runner at Arizona State University

Pete Rea, head coach of the highly successful Zap Distance Running Group, covers the ins and outs of total body training for beginning and advanced distance runners.

Training Methods

In this video, Coach Rea reveals the secrets behind his training methods, the different types of workouts you can use within a single training session, and discusses how you can implement them with the individual runner. The bulk of his training ideologies are based on Arthur Lydiard’s training theories.

There are various types of workouts that should be done at different points during the year. Coach Rea shares specific workouts and does a great job explaining when and why each workout should be done. He even goes over an ideal world vs. real world scenario of the training.

Coach Rea also explains the difference between coaching high school, college and elite runners. He explains the differences in training, mileage, seasons, and races and the differences between the athletes and how coaches can work with them.

Included is a definition of the “snowball’ effect, a philosophy that focuses on teaching your athletes to progressively get faster by concentrating on starting off at a much slower pace. This helps prevent blowing up the race at the end due to fatigue or lack of experience.

Coach Rea also discusses:

  • The challenges facing successful runners
  • Mistakes runners and coaches make
  • Individual and team goal setting
  • Arthur Lydiard’s influence on his program
  • The 7 secrets behind becoming a successful runner

Live Workouts

Covering two days of practice, Coach Rea shows different workouts being performed by team members at Zap. He covers the basics behind a proper warm-up, then explains a typical interval day and a recovery day in his program. After watching the workouts, Rea reviews what his athletes accomplished during the workout.

Core Workout

Developing overall body and core strength is vital for improved running. Ryan Warrenburg, Zap Fitness strength coach, takes you to the weight room and demonstrates 10 core strengthening exercises that emphasize muscle activation and posture.

Learn how to stay healthy and injury-free by emphasizing good posture, teaching the muscles to activate properly, and working them in a sequence by following this simple core routine. Coach Warrenburg explains how these core exercises will teach your athletes to relax during the running movement, emphasize good running form, and generate power.

The Zap coaches do an excellent job of explaining the hows and whys of distance training using an educational approach.

Whether you are a new coach or athlete, or an experienced veteran, there is plenty to learn in this comprehensive and easy to understand video that will help you improve your performance.

96 minutes. 2015.