High Performance Drills for the Middle Distance Runner


  • Over 50 different speed and strength drills for middle distance runners
  • Develop a strength program for your athletes that increases performance and reduces injuries
  • See a progression-style approach to training both a beginning and elite level athletes
  • Incorporate Mini Bands into your training routine to quickly develop power in your athletes
  • Specific routines are provided for the beginner athlete and advanced athlete for beginning of the season through competition


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.with Tom Green, personal trainer;
A three year assistant college coach responsible for 35 NAIA All Americans, 11 NAIA National Champions and 10 collegiate record holders

Tom Green organizes your speed and strength training into progressions that will challenge the elite athlete and provide the beginner with an opportunity for success!

Coach Green’s specific drill progression features more than 50 drills for each segment of the track season – from early season through competition. Green has both a beginning and seasoned athlete demonstrate the drills. By using the two different athletes, Coach Green visually compares the difference between the elite and beginning athlete and discusses the challenges involved in coaching athletes of varying levels.

Green divides his key drills and exercises into three major areas: Field Movement Prep; Track Movement Prep; and In-Season Routines. Beginning with a series of Field Movements (another way of saying ‘warm-up’) Green uses both athletes in a side-by-side comparison of skill development and gives an outstanding narrative on how a beginning athlete can progress to the level of an elite athlete.

Throughout the video, you will see sprint drills, mini band exercises, medicine ball exercises, hurdle exercises, arch exercises, pedestal routines, lunges and more. This comprehensive review will allow the infusion of various exercises into your program which will not only promote strength and stability but also help to minimize injuries.

As a bonus, Coach Green talks about the training routine he used to develop one of the greatest prep high school athletes in Iowa history — Shelby Houlihan a 9x State Champion in both Track and Cross Country. He also takes the time to explain the value of adapting your training to your individual athlete’s ability and maturity level.

There is plenty to learn from this easy to understand video. Loaded with numerous drills and exercises for any level athlete, this video is a must have for any middle distance coach.

150 minutes. 2012.