High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: 800M / 1500M


  • Proven methods for training your 800M-1500M runners
  • Get comprehensive training plans with sample workouts
  • Includes downloadable templates for planning
  • Includes year around strategies for building a successful middle distance program
  • Over 2 hours of instruction for only $49.99!

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with David Halliday,
Flagler Palm Coast (FL) High School Head Track & Field Coach;
2x Florida Class 4A State Champs (Boys)

Create championship middle distance runners using this in-depth training guide! David Halliday spends over 2 hours detailing the philosophy, training ideas and coaching tips that have led to success over his 17 years of coaching runners.

Developing the Runner
One of the most important elements of developing your middle distance program is finding the right athletes. Halliday describes what to look for in prospective athletes and where to look for them. He reveals strategies for testing prospects to make certain that they are targeted for the proper events.

Afford your athletes the best training situation possible and minimize injuries by following Halliday’s advice on making the most of your facilities and your surrounding community.

Halliday defines the physiological requirements for success in the 800 and 1500 and critical information related to training all of the energy systems with proper emphasis. He reviews a chart of aerobic and anaerobic contributions in endurance running events to define appropriate workout construction.

With the physiological requirements defined, Halliday shows how he breaks his distance team into three training groups that best meet the needs of his runners; distance oriented, mid-distance (true 800 runners) and the sprint oriented group that can run down to the 400. Halliday’s training is flexible enough to meet the individualized training needs of each athlete.

800 and 1500 Training
The training phases in this DVD are segmented into six phases:

  • Off-Season (Summer)
  • Cross Country Season (Fall)
  • Transition Phase (XC to Track)
  • Pre-Competitive Phase
  • Competitive Phase
  • Championship Phase

Learn the training characteristics, goals and the type of training required to make the most of each phase.

Halliday lays out his highly specific seasonal plan. He details the elements of success for implementing the plan including how to prep your athletes both physically and mentally for the season journey and in terms of building a cohesive team.

Discover a detailed warm-up for middle distance athletes. This warm-up is event-specific to ensure it meets the needs of your athletes. The program includes a light run, build ups and accelerations, leg strength exercises, sprint drills, mobility drills, technical sprint drills, light static stretching and hurdle drills. Halliday also shows how to adjust the warm-up for competition.

Strength Training 
Halliday breaks down the four elements of his strength training program into weight training, circuit training, med ball and core training, and plyos. He provides you with a total breakdown of his December through May strength training program that includes what to do and when to do it!

Halliday sets up training from the transition phase through the end of the season. To set up this training protocol, he defines the three types of running that are prevalent in each phase. With all of his training modalities defined, Halliday details each phase; Transition, Pre-Competitive, Competitive and Peaking/Championship. In each phase, he includes a weekly training model plus daily workouts for a week in each phase. You will get coaching nuggets from 18 years of Halliday’s successful coaching experience throughout his instruction.

This is the most comprehensive middle distance DVD available. It will teach you, guide you and provide a step-by-step proven approach to building a successful middle distance program!

174 minutes (2 DVDs). 2011.