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Does your team have the dreaded “girl drama”?

Are the girls on your team fighting or worse…talking behind each other’s backs?

Have you tried everything and still can’t get them to gel as a team?

Or are you worried that your female athletes would rather have fun than be competitive?

There is nothing more frustrating than knowing you have a talented team…only to watch them squander it away because they’re fighting over silly stuff.

I certainly hope you’re not at the point where you’ve thrown in the towel!  I know you feel like you’ve tried every tactic to get your female athletes to let go of the pettiness…you’ve gotten mad, you tried being nice, you even begged them to stop all of the nonsense. And you’ve gotten nothing but more of the same!

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I’ve been there coach, and I know that you’re sick of watching your team underachieve in game after game.

I’m here to tell you that you CAN turn it around.  You CAN stop the “girl drama”.  And you CAN stop losing and begin winning your games!

And beyond that, your female athletes will get along, have fun together, and learn how to accomplish goals together.

I know you’re thinking, “Dawn, there’s no way that my team will get along!”…but I’m telling you there IS a way and it’s all in my book, Coach Dawn’s Guide To Motivating Female Athletes.

Don’t need to hear anymore?  Ready to  buy right now?  Well, just click on the “Add to Cart”  button and you’ll receive the book immediately through PayPal.  The book costs $9.95. 

Plus, it now comes with a FREE PowerPoint presentation (2010 version) called Guarantee Your Success:  Using John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success To Increase Your Team’s Cohesion.


Are you tired of walking into the gym and seeing lackluster effort from your players?  Have you had it with trying to get your female athletes to care about the team as much as you do??

Then Coach Dawn’s Guide To Motivating Female Athletes is just what you’re looking for!

  • Have you tried to get your players to go all out in practice, only to have them hold back?  I talk about that in the book.
  • Are your female athletes too nice and non-competitive in practices and games?  I give you some good tips on increasing the competitiveness of female teams in the book.
  • Does your team suffer from “girl drama”?  They don’t talk to each other or they talk behind each other’s backs?  Well coach, you should get the book because it’s all in there!
  • Do you believe that beyond the X’s and O’s, we teach leadership, goal setting, and teamwork?  I talk about that stuff in the book as well.

I’ve had a lot of success with my teams.  We’ve consistently been to conference tournaments, championship games, and won it all.  On top of all of that…my players actually enjoy each other and love the sport!

But it hasn’t always been that way.  I wish I had something like Coach Dawn’s Guide To Motivating Female Athletes a few years back!

I’ve been coaching girl’s and women’s volleyball for over 15 years now and if I haven’t seen it all…I’ve seen a lot!

  • I’ve had amazingly talented players whose bad attitudes made everyone on the team (including me!) dread coming to practice.
  • I’ve coached teams where the athletes thought that playing time was a right rather than something to be earned.
  • I’ve had female teams that believed that fun and competitiveness could not go together.

But I’ve also had teams that loved getting after it in the gym, who enjoyed the thrill of competition…who could battle during practice and be friends immediately afterward, and teams that understood that pushing each other in practice meant that we’d be better in games.

What was the difference?  Me!  I now know how to give my players the proper motivation.

I firmly believe that working with female athletes is a joy…if you know how to do it.  I don’t care if you coach volleyball, soccer, basketball, or lacrosse…you’ll need to learn how to motivate your teams for success.  And that’s where my book comes in.

I’ve coached middle school, high school, club, and college female athletes…whatever your level, Coach Dawn’s Guide To Motivating Female Athletes will help you solve your team and start winning…and winning a lot!

The ebook now comes with a FREE PowerPoint (2010 version) called Guarantee Your Success:  Using John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success To Increase Your Team’s Cohesion.  So you’ll get the ebook and the PowerPoint for only $9.95.


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